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Kjell Sporrong – Interior Designer – Marbella & Stockholm







Kjell Sporrong is the designer, decorator and creative force behind Astracán Marbella. The uniqueness of Astracán Interior Design is the result of more than 20 years of  K.S´s travelling, curiosity, and work in the interior and hotel businesses.


He started his carreer in fashion, educated in New York and Stockholm. During the 90´s he ran the famous and succesful interiorstore Bohem in Stockholm, which still exists. He moved to Marbella in southern Spain in 2001 where he set up "the beachhouse" and "the townhouse", two wonderful boutique hotels and the interior design shop Astracán Marbella.


During 20 years he has done proyects for hotels, restaurants, banks and private homes in Spain and Sweden. A master in "concept-thinking" no matter whatsoever might be the theme or the mix: Antique treasures, contemporary pieces, iron furnishings from the industrial period, french mirrors, kelim carpets, silk and linen garments.....


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